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About Kathryn Matheson Nutrition

Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach!

As a natural nutritional practitioner, my goal is to educate clients on how best to nourish their bodies for optimal health, resilience, and vitality. I take an in-depth and evidence-based approach to developing a nutritional plan uniquely suited to your biochemical individuality and life realities.


A natural nutritional practitioner is a professional who assesses health and vitality in the context of a client’s whole life experience, including their physical, emotional, social, and environmental circumstances.  They use food, selected supplements, education, and lifestyle modifications in a non-invasive way to empower clients towards increased health, resilience, and maximized vitality.

Everywhere we look we encounter information and advice about nutrition.  It can be difficult to know which information is appropriate to our own situation.  Part of my role is to help you to sort through this overwhelming amount of material so that you can identify and prioritize strategies that are applicable and helpful to your own unique circumstances and biochemical individuality. 

Commitment, compassion, and expertise. My clients are individuals, not numbers, and I strive to build a unique and supportive relationship with each of them. This involves taking the time and collecting the information necessary to provide a thoroughly researched and clearly presented nutritional roadmap that can be implemented in a variety of ways over a number of sessions.  By taking an integrated approach to your health goals and concerns, I strive to ensure that my services and recommendations are aligned with concurrent support that you might be receiving from other professionals.  The most important thing is that your needs and goals are recognized and supported.

Although our genetic code is fixed, by making changes to our nutrition and lifestyle, we can influence the expression of many of our genes with the goal of optimizing our health and wellbeing over the long term. The science of nutrigenetics examines how genetic variation influences our response to dietary and environmental factors. Alternatively, nutrigenomics looks at how nutrients and bioactive food compounds can influence gene expression. Personalized nutrition uses nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics to develop a plan that is completely tailored to your biochemical individuality and life realities, giving you a clear roadmap to follow in support of your health and quality of life.


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